The Fast Ice Vending machine is the ONLY integrated ice manufacturing, storing, bagging and vending unit designed specifically for the growing ice vending market in Australia.

Using pure filtered water and a heat seal bagging system the Fast Ice Machine ensures the customer has access to Fresh Ice 24 hours per day in just seconds.

The ONLY HACCP approved machine of its kind!!

Bagged ice vending is a breakthrough in fresh ice Sales.  Australia is ready to move away from the traditional freezer merchandisers at service stations, bottle shops, motels and supermarkets.

Operators can enjoy the profits of fresh Fast Ice produced on their premises for a fraction of the cost of traditional bagged ice                                                

The Facts on Fast Ice Vending Machines

  • Compact Foot Print of Only  W120cm×D105cm×H220cm
  • Dispenses 4 KG sealed Bag Ice, 6 Kg or 8KG Bulk straight  into your cooler
  • Easily installed Waterproof Front opening Steel Cabinets
  • Produces 450 Kg per 24 Hours Stores 200 Kg
  • Advanced water Filtration system
  • NRI Coin Mechanism and ICT Note Reader
  • Australia Wide Service and Support

     The All New Fast Ice Machine Available Now

2015 All New Fast Ice Machine             2015 All New Fast Ice Machine           2015 All New Fast Ice Machine